Details for disease: Posterior capsule opacification (PCO)

Autosomal recessive cerebellar ataxias (SCAR) are a heterogeneous group of inherited neurodegenerative disorders that affect the cerebellum, the spinocerebellar and sensory tracts of the spinal cord and often the sensory nerves. They may present as a pure cerebellar syndrome or are associated with neurological symptoms such as peripheral neuropathy, dystonia, chorea, cognitive impairment, optic atrophy, seizures or extra neurological symptoms such as cardiomyopathy and diabetes mellitus in Friedreich ataxia. The main clinical features are staggering gait with frequent falls, upper limb dysmetria, impairment of speech, dysphagia, and abnormalities of eye movement.

Posterior capsule opacification (PCO)
H00951/H00963/H01273    (more details)
DisGeNet ID
C1444680    (more details)
Involved Genes
TGFBI / SLC4A11 / SETX / PMPCA / VPS13D / TPP1 / SYNE1 / ADCK3 / ANO10 / SYT14 / WWOX / GRM1 / SPTBN2 / KIAA0226 / STUB1 / CWF19L1 / GRID2 / SLC9A1 / SNX14 / SCYL1 / VWA3B / TDP2 / UBA5 / ATG5 / XRCC1 / GDAP2 / THG1L / VPS41 / PITRM1 / ATG7 / TDP1 / COA7 /

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